Brookdale Center's 2014 Benefits Checklist Now Available!

March 31, 2014

The Brookdale Center for the Healthy Aging has released their 2014 Benefits Checklist for Older Adults. A PDF version can be obtained by clicking here.

From the Brookdale Center:

The Benefits Checklist for Older Adults is an essential resource for anyone who advises or assists elderly individuals in New York State – from lawyers, accountants and financial advisors to social workers, nurses and doctors. Professionals involved in shaping elder care law and policy or overseeing services for the elderly will also find the Checklist useful.

This easy-to-use two-page document (see samples below) lists the 17 major health and income programs potentially available to older adults in New York and defines the benefits provided, eligibility criteria, and income and resource limits. The Checklist also identifies the government agencies that process applications and provides contact information. Produced by the Sadin Institute on Law and Public Policy, the Checklist is updated annually.

While some of the information in the Checklist is specific to applying for benefits in New York State, elder care professionals in other states will find information of value and may want to adopt the format for use in their own state.