DO NOT give to VOLS today…

November 27, 2018


But, here is how you can still give, and not have it cost you a single cent.

1) Continue to VOLunteer with us.  Our clients – immigrants, seniors, children, incarcerated mothers, low-income wage workers, small business owners – rely on the legal expertise of our volunteers and/or their willingness to learn in order that our clients can find a legal path to citizenship;  enjoy visitation rights or keep custody of their children; hold on to their health and housing;  and to address many other basic needs.

2) VOLue our work by telling your communities about us – whether it is community organizations or low-income New Yorkers who need our services, or colleagues at your firm or company who want to volunteer.  

3) Stay inVOLved – with us, we hope, but if not with us, with any nonprofit that speaks to your passions and how you want to make the world a better place.  All nonprofits rely on your time and your dollars. For VOLS your donation makes our work possible.

We are not out of our minds for not asking for your donation today! We will certainly ask on another day, by the end of the year for sure! 

For Giving Tuesday, If you do the any of the above, we will be so grateful to you today and every day.  


All the best,