Empowerment: Meet Lenora Bonéy, Esq., Herrick Feinstein LLP

October 24, 2018

Lenora Bonéy- Herrick Feinstein LLP

Lenora Bonéy, of Counsel and specializing in Real Estate at Herrick Feinstein LLP, volunteers with the Elderly Project at Volunteers of Legal Service in order to help her clients take control of their future. Our society tends to make many generalizations about older adults, that when internalized, can be oppressive. These opinions diminish elderly individual’s autonomy, which Lenora supports her clients to reclaim. She notes that she even hesitates to call her clients “elderly” because they not only are able to come to her office easily, but they are also going about their lives unreservedly. Through this paradigm shift in common language and thinking, Lenora actively combats the stereotypes associated with older adults.

 In relation to her clients’ future, Lenora says that “if they don’t decide how their health will be handled and who will get their things, then somebody else, like the state, will make those decisions for them. So it’s been nice to help people gain control of how their health and their belongings will be treated and handled.” Lenora’s volunteer work not only combats a societal narrative rooted in ageism, but it also helps each individual she works with utilize their own sovereignty in organizing their future. She says, “Whether it’s expensive items or not is really not the issue. Many people attach sentimental value to the things that they do have and it’s nice to help these clients decide who gets what. A lot of them take pleasure too, in knowing that the things that are important to them will go to the people who they intend to receive it.” 

While Lenora identifies that life planning documents are not a part of her Real Estate expertise, she says, “It’s really nice to acquire the knowledge and skills to help people with one of these everyday tasks that really everyone needs.” Lenora also recognizes that, although essential and seemingly mundane, it is not a simple task for her clients to plan for their future. She has observed that life planning documents can often be impeded or put off due to feelings of anxiety. However, she assumes the role of both a strong support system and an extremely knowledgeable lawyer. Her capacity to support and empower her clients to take control of their lives is an incredible asset to both VOLS and the clients she serves. Thank you Lenora for your pro bono contribution!