Entrepreneur Kalema Boateng on the Value of Pro Bono Legal Services for Growing Businesses

December 20, 2017

Boateng Creatives Consulting Event

Last year, entrepreneur Kalema Boateng set out to start her own business, Boateng Creatives Consulting. Through customized consulting for businesses, Boateng Creatives designs and implements events and projects that spark positive changes in the work environment.  For guidance on starting her business, Kalema went to the Bronx  Small Business Development Center at Lehman College, where she was advised to seek pro bono legal assistance to help her navigate the legal intricacies of starting a business. Kalema was referred the Small Business Center’s trusted partner, the Microenterprise Project at Volunteers of Legal Service. The Microenterprise Project helped Kalema identify her legal needs, and matched her with pro bono counsel from one of Manhattan’s top law firms, Proskauer. 

Andrew Bettwy and William Majeski, two lawyers at Proskauer, helped Kalema understand her options when it came to forming a legal entity suited for her business. They also helped her through the entire legal process of creating a limited liability corporation or LLC.

“[Having] attorneys who were eager to help along the way made it easier for me to focus on setting up my business for success. I was able to take advantage of these free services from industry experts, which would have otherwise been very timely and expensive if found on my own. I hope the project helps impact other people who are in need of legal advisement in a timely fashion but may not have the financial means.” – Kalema Boateng, Entrepreneur, Boateng Creatives Consulting

Kalema is happy to report that Boateng Creatives Consulting is growing every day. And she is not done chasing her dreams: the prolific entrepreneur has already started another venture. A small business owner might encounter many obstacles, but Kalema knows that she has an important resource in the VOLS Microenterprise Project to help her overcome legal obstacles.

You can seek help for you small business with any of our Community Development Partners.

 To learn more about Boateng Creatives email bc@boatengcreatives.com