Law360 Article Features VOLS’ Liz Markuci's Response to Recent US Supreme Court Decision on Immigration

June 24, 2016

VOLS' Immigration Project Director, Elizabeta Markuci, was featured in Law360’s June 23, 2016 piece, Attys React To High Court Tie In Immigration Actions Case, an article that presents the responses of various attorneys to the recent US Supreme Court decision on immigration. The Supreme Court split 4-4 on Thursday in "the case over President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration, resulting in the block on the deferred deportation policies staying in place."

“All of us — immigrants, advocates, and allies — need to see that today's decision is not a loss, but a vote that our friends and families deserve more than DACA and DAPA offer. Instead of temporary solutions, we must demand that Congress create permanent pathways to citizenship. We must work harder than ever to ensure security for our neighbors and freedom from fear that families will be torn apart. DAPA and DACA are half-measures; America needs real change when it comes to immigration law.”
- Elizabeta Markuci, VOLS' Immigration Project Director

Law360 Article: Attys React To High Court Tie In Immigration Actions Case