New FEPS-type rental assistance program starting in December; notices going out now

November 16, 2017

Alex Ryley

Director, Elderly Project

Last week, the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) began sending this notice in batches to tenants receiving the FEPS, CityFEPS, and LINC III rental-assistance benefits notifying them that a new program called Family Homelessness and Eviction Supplement (FHEPS) will start in early December.  Some HRA staff have been trained on the new program, and there is a related HRA call center number: 929-221-0043.
Some persons who had open cases in September/early October will be converted to the new program over Thanksgiving weekend.  Problems with the computer conversion may arise, and some families will have to be converted manually.  The new benefits will start in December for the converted cases.  
Should any of your clients encounter problems during the conversion process, you should encourage them to contact a legal services office such as The Legal Aid Society for assistance.