Pro Bono Legal Assistance Since 1984

November 10, 2016

Since 1984, year after year, under both Democratic and Republican presidents, VOLS has enabled hundreds of volunteer lawyers to defend the rights of thousands of low-income New Yorkers. 

With the support of our expert staff, our volunteers:

•    Resolve immigration problems for high school students, so that these students can go to college and/or work legally,
•    Prepare wills, health care proxies, and other life-planning documents for low-income seniors,
•    Win hundreds of thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits for employees whose claims were wrongly denied,
•    Help low-income entrepreneurs launch and grow small businesses, and
•    Advise incarcerated mothers on family law issues so that they can maintain relationships with their children.

The consistent support of our participating law firms, volunteers, funders, and donors has allowed VOLS to continue to provide excellent free legal representation in crucial areas like immigration in good times and in bad.  As we have for more than 30 years, regardless of who is President, VOLS will be here to carry out this important work.

Now more than ever, we need to work together toward the goal of equal justice for all.


Bill Lienhard,
Executive Director