VOLS Secures 17,908 Pro Bono Hours for 2,978 Low-Income New Yorkers in 2014

May 14, 2015

VOLS Numbers for 2014 are in!

We are proud to report that in 2014, 918 lawyers from 50 law firms volunteered 17,908 hours, a value of $6 million in donated legal fees, to help 2,978 people through VOLS' Projects. Our Unemployment Insurance Advocacy Project alone won $470,000 in benefits for low-income New Yorkers.

In other words:

  • Our one organization motivated 50 times as many law firms
  • Our ten-person staff motivated roughly 100 times as many volunteer lawyers
  • For every one dollar spent on VOLS' budget, we secured $6 in donated legal fees or benefits for low-income New Yorkers

Behind these numbers, there are thousands of stories of low-income New Yorkers, who, with the help of VOLS and our volunteer lawyers, triumphed over adversity.

For example, talking about the impact of our Dream Not Deferred Project on her life, a student said:

"I was able to get my Permanent Resident Card. It was the happiest day of my life... Thanks to VOLS, I feel like my presence in the United States actually matters. I can walk in the street feeling proud and worry free."

And a parent coordinator at a school in our School-based Children's Project said:

"I love the fact that VOLS serves in our school. Coming to the community instead of asking community members to go to VOLS makes a big difference. Our families really trust the attorneys and are able to get the help they need."

We are deeply grateful to the law firms, community organizations, volunteer lawyers, staff and others who worked together with VOLS to bring pro bono legal assistance to so many New Yorkers in need in 2014.

Help us leverage even more pro bono resources for low-income New Yorkers by making a donation today.